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Mark Prata

Master Tattoo Artist, Mark Prata was born in 1983 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He grew up drawing cartoons and graffiti. For fun, he tagged friends binders and school lockers with band graphics and basketball players’ names.

Mark’s love for art transformed at the age of 16 — he walked into a street tattoo shop and asked if he could learn. Cleaning floors, painting walls and making needles was his daily grind that slowly transitioned into an apprenticeship.

This is when tattooing found Mark.

After a short year of tattooing, Mark pushed his passion for art while completing a few full-colour new school pieces that were bold and bright —these changed his career forever. At that time, they were much different from what was circulating in the Toronto tattoo scene. With an awesome mix of graffiti and cartoons, Mark’s style gained a lot of attention. He quickly became popular in the skate, punk and BMX scene. With Mark’s attention to detail and passion for learning, he enrolled in life drawing, realism, colour renderings and pen drawing courses at George Brown College and Ontario College of Art & Design University (OCAD), Toronto.

These new skills and expertise’s opened new opportunities, and before he knew it, Mark became a world-ranked tattoo artist with a diverse skillset.

Mark’s public popularity grew; he was featured on numerous TV shows, music videos and movies such as I hate my tattoo (slice network), MTV Live, breakout kings, total recall, Honda rebel exclusive mutual funds commercial, sum 41 music video, Youngstown music video. He also had many news presses on City TV, the Mike Bullard Show, CP24, the Toronto Star, Wave Magazine and the Toronto Sun. Mark’s TV appearances drew attention from celebrities and athletes who soon reached out. Before Mark knew it, he was tattooing professional athletes in the NHL, NBA and even Olympic athletes.

Right in the midst of his career, Mark ventured off and established Toronto Ink Tattoo studio in 2007. “I noticed that many of my clients are travelling far distances, some being from all over the world,” Mark says, “I want my clients to feel special and to know that I appreciate them being here.”

Today, Mark has over 20 years of experience and diversity in various styles from black, grey and colour. He is extremely humbled by the love and support of his clients, friends and family. Mark being a lifelong learner spends time with those he can grow with and continue to flourish. Mark spends his life dedicated to tattooing, art, being centred and grounded. He has a deep spiritual connection to meditation and yoga but most importantly spending time with his wife and their two sons.

Sarah Johnson

Master Tattoo Artist, Sarah Johnson is 37 years old — born and raised in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario, Canada. Her passion for drawing and all things creative started at a young age. Sarah was naturally gifted, she never had formal art classes or art schooling.

Sarah’s been tattooing for thirteen years. Her love for tattoos started early, she became obsessed immediately and started getting tatted. She supported local shops and took every opportunity to ask as many questions as they would answer, aiming to learn all she could. At the time, she was a single mother, working dead-end jobs. Regardless of what was going on in her life, she always found time to sketch. Soon enough, people would see her work and encourage her to be a career tattoo artist. Some even bought her drawings to have tattooed on themselves.

Eventually, an old-school local tattoo shop became familiar with her designs after having several people come in with Sarah’s drawings. Naturally, they wanted to meet Sarah!

Her initiation, so to speak, was to illustrate a poster-size drawing of Rat Fink which took her four months. The shop owner loved it so much that he offered to purchase it. She asked him to hire her instead and showed him her entire portfolio, letting him know that her passion for drawing wasn’t about the money or the notoriety. In her gut, she knew her passion would bring her success. Hey, she was a single mother working 3 jobs, but she let go of the security to follow her artistic talents and dreams.

Sarah feels fortunate to have started in a tattoo shop with proven success for 30 plus years. During her personal and career growth, she learned a lot about respect and daily hustle. Before the Internet and printers, she used Cherry Creek flash on the walls but you know what they say, Sacrifice today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow.” And, for a few years Sarah did sacrifice, not spending as much time with her daughter as she would have liked but she knew that one day all the hard work and dedication would pay off.

Remembering back to her apprenticeship, she scrubbed tubes at other artists’ stations to earn her keep. She truly believes that’s how to ink found her, and without those experiences she wouldn’t be the person she is today. To this day, Sarah strives to learn and appreciates good values and being as versatile as possible.

Currently, Sarah is a Master Tattoo Artist. You can count on her for taking the time to learn about you and what you want. She’s a lifer, and she’ll love being a tattoo artist till the day she dies, straight up.

Courtney Regolini

Our Mater Tattoo Artist, Courtney, is highly inspired by organic subject matter such as florals, foliage and animals. Creating these images with a twist of her vibrant abstract taste, each design is truly one of a kind.

With inspiration from realism and neo-traditional elements, Courtney has truly come into her artistic style which translates from her personality, her creative space and her designs. Her passion for art can be traced from elementary school thru to post-secondary. She truly has been creative her whole life — we can wait to see what designs she has in store for our clients!

Alix Bamford

Our Mater Tattoo Artist, Alixandra Bamford started tattooing in 2015. After attempting a few more conventional careers, she determined that the only happy life was one filled with art and artists.

Alix tattoos in an illustrative style with strong roots in realism. Her favourite subjects include birds and the human face, but she approaches every request with equal devotion and interest. Challenges like coverups and reworks are always welcome. Alix works primarily in black and grey but will accept colour projects that are right for her.

Miranda Mckenzie

Miranda Mckenzie was born n’ raised in Toronto, Ontario. She is currently 24 years old and has been tattooing since the age of 20. Miranda has had a passion for art, and curiosity about tattoos since she was a small child. Over the years she has had the opportunity to learn about multiple different tattoo styles and techniques. Bold designs are her favourite things to tattoo, she loves classic American traditional tattoo design. She also loves painting tattoo flash, amongst a plethora of other crafty hobbies.

Benny Mac

Tattoo Artist, Benny Mac has been tattooing for just over 6 years, full-time. He prides himself on being a versatile artist capable of a multitude of styles. He is always looking to challenge his abilities and continually improve — he aims to exceed not only his own but the client’s expectations as well. Having said that he appreciates tattooing neo-traditional, new-school, illustrative colour, illustrative black and grey work, and has found a new fascination with the Japanese tattoo style and subject matter.

Along with to subject matter, he likes tattooing all things nerdy from Star Wars to anime, which fits with him being a huge nerd! Similar to the nerdy influence he also enjoys doing animal-related work and anything mystic or mythical themed, he claims it’s half a fault liking so many styles and themes in tattoos and finds he has a hard time sticking to one thing.

Ben likes to think he gives off a more relaxed and “chill” vibe in and outside of the tattoo studio, from cracking jokes while working and chatting with his clients and coworkers alike while tattooing or drawing. He also prides himself on the fact that he hand draws all of his client’s work from scratch. Regarding tattoo size, well he loves it all — from small-scale work to sleeves and chest pieces. He even loves to tattoo client’s palms and hands!

Larry Coffins

Spawned from the depths of the abyss Larry’s goal is to etch drawings of pure unfiltered madness upon thine mortal flesh…or perhaps a cute butterfly if that’s more your flavour.

His major influences include anything dark/macabre, anime, video games, medieval and Japanese folklore — all presented in a style he likes to call “Dark Trad.” Larry also enjoys doing pieces in the Traditional and Neo-Traditional styles of tattooing as he frequently puts his own twists on classic designs.

With two art degrees and years of experience in the graphic design industry under his belt, he can work with you to bring your ideas to life and present them in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Three principles that he lives by are trust, respect, and communication. You will always be given that in a tattoo session with him as comfort is the name of the game with Larry.

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