Toronto Ink Tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm from out of town, can you recommend Toronto accommodations or Toronto tourism hot spots?

For the most part, we tattoo clients from the Greater Toronto Area including Durham Region, Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton and Barrie. Pre-Covid-19, we tattooed clients driving in from Québec, USA and even a few flying in from international destinations. Rest assured, we offer the best possible experience for our clients at the shop — we will even assist to find rental cars, hotels and Air BnB’s that are close to our tattoo shop and near Toronto Tourism hot spots.

What is Mark Prata’s Tattoo minimum price?

Our shop minimum is $250, which covers the price of the supplies used for your appointment.

What's the price for a tattoo?

Mark will do his best to provide an accurate price with the information provided on the consultation form. Be sure to attach inspiration or reference photos.  

For larger tattoos and sleeves, a consultation is usually required before the appointment. 

What is a consultation? And, is it required?

Consultations are free appointments giving you an opportunity to meet an artist of your choice in person and to discuss your tattoo ideas.

If you’re still on the fence about your tattoo or need some artistic guidance, we highly recommend booking a consultation. This way, you will have an opportunity to discuss styles, placement, time, price, and all else for your desired tattoo design. And, the consultations will also allow you to get to know your artist and get a feel for the shop before you book your tattoo appointment.

Generally, consultations are not needed for small, straightforward tattoos, but are normally required for large-scale tattoos including sleeves, back pieces and anything complex. If you’re unsure if you need a consultation or not, just ask!

What is a deposit? And, why do I need to leave one?

Deposits are a very important step in getting a tattoo. They ensure you are serious about the tattoo and showing up for a scheduled appointment. The deposit is used as payment to the artist for time and work spent on the tattoo drawing and preparation for your appointment timeslot.

The deposit amount will always depend on the amount you are quoted for the tattoo work.

• Tattoos quoted $1500 and under require a minimum $200 deposit.

• Tattoos quoted $1500 and up require a minimum $400 deposit.

Please see our deposit policy for more details.

How can I pay a deposit?

Mark accepts E-transfer for email and Zoom bookings other wise debit, Visa, MasterCard and cash in person To leave your deposit 

How can I pay for my tattoo?

Mark accepts debit, Visa, MasterCard and cash at the shop during check out.

Can you save an appointment date for me without a deposit? Just this once?

As much as Mark would love to, he do not book appointments without a deposit.

If you wish to forgo the deposit, you will be considered a walk-in and therefore may not be able to be booked in at the time of walk-in.

So you do take walk-ins, right?

Yes. Walk-in availability depends on our artists’ schedules for the day. If you are interested in a walk-in, please call the shop to inquire about availability.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Ensure you have a valid copy of your photo ID with you. For longer appointments, feel free to bring some snacks and drinks. Mark is located next to many store and restaurants if you need extra snacks or food. 

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo by Mark?

Mark follows  all provincial laws and regulations. Because of this, you must be at least 18 years of age. This age requirement allows you to legally sign the required consent forms.

When will my tattoo be healed?

Everyone heals differently, but we allow at least two weeks for the tattoo to heal. Please click here to view our aftercare page for more information.

If your tattoo is being completed in multiple sessions, they will be booked anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks apart to allow time for proper healing.

I need a touch-up, what should I do?

Reach out! Touch-ups are free within the first three months, consider it on the house. 

When reaching out for your touch-up, be sure to include a photo of the area that needs fixing up in an email.

Can I see my tattoo design before my appointment?

Unless specified by your artist, we do not show drawings before appointments. All drawings / sketches are shown on the day of your appointment. If there are any minor changes at the time of the reveal, they can be done there and then, no problem!

Can I bring my friends to my appointment?

Yes, you may bring 1-2 friends to your appointment. To ensure Mark has a comfortable amount of room at his station Mark is unable to accommodate more than 2 people for your appointment.

Where can I park?

Tons of Parking green P and free street Parking all round the Whitby location at Against the grain. 

My question wasn't answered here, how do I get ahold of you?

Please send all questions or concerns to our receptionist at

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