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Mark Prata is in the news

Toronto Ink Tattoos world ranked
We are honoured to be thought of as a world-class Tattoo Studio, right here in Toronto, Ontario! Thank you to the Matador network for selecting and ranking Toronto Ink as the 6th most iconic tattoo shop around the World on their list of Top 20.
Being recognized for our hard work and dedication is a humbling experience.
“‘As Seen on MTV’ Mark Prata of Toronto Ink Tattoo was the tattoo/art designer for the A&E TV Series, “Breakout Kings” and was the on-air tattoo artist on MTV Live in 2007.”
Toronto Ink Tattoos congratulates Canadian olympic athletes
Our very own Mark Prata was chosen by our very own Canadian Olympic Athletes to commemorate their medals and experiences at the Olympics.
Mark Prata salutes saying, “It was an honour working with Canada’s talented individuals, Rosie MacLennan (Canadian Gymnastics Gold Medalist), Martin Reader (Canadian Beach Volleyball), Dylan Moscovitch (silver medalist figure skating), Travis Gerrits (Ariel Skier and World Record holder)
Mark Prata on Slice TV
Congratulations Mark Prata for being selected for, “I Hate My Tattoo” Cover-Up reality show airing on Slice TV, Life Network Inc.

After months of keeping things under wraps, we were proud to announce Toronto Ink Tattoos’ very own Mark Prata was chosen for the new hit TV series, “I Hate My Tattoo” premiering on Slice TV Tuesday, August 19 at 9 pm

"I Hate My Tattoo" is a Castlewood production has been years in the making and will be Canada’s first tattoo TV show.

A Bulleit Frontier Whiskey event
Toronto Inks very own Mark Prata partnered with Bulleit Frontier Whiskyfor an exclusive event along with 3 other renowned artists.

The custom artwork was drawn for a new launch for Bulleit Frontier Whisky and was released at a massive event that went off without a hitch — free drinks of course! Mark’s design was laser-etched in glass on a large display for crowds to see. It was then used for small-scale promotional and marketing material giveaways such as key chains, stickers, journal cases, laptop cases and clothing.

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